Classy Caribbean


While others would collect slippers, bags, shoes, and clothes week after week, I find myself contented using things that I have until their almost “worn out”. Call me kuripot but I’d rather spend it on food, so you can call me “matakaw” and “mataba”, but kidding aside, I just don’t find it practical, overspending for things not really needed while I see others trying to survive on a daily basis.  Let me not talk about social issues here anymore, oh well, will have to write a different entry for that…

Going back, a friend recently gave me this new pair of slippers (see how cute the picture is), which might just change the way I see slippers now. I will not be a slipperholic though, but, I might just buy a new one as a birthday present for myself — Classy, Comfy, Affordable and Filipino made—- CARIBBEAN SLIPPERS.

Caribbean slippers cost around Php 199-Php 299, amazingly competitive compared to other brands, with anti-slip technology and material that doesn’t make your feet “stink”. Above all, buying a pair is supporting a Filipino Enterprise which I think is the most important feature of Caribbean slippers. You’re fashionable and nationalistic at the same time. Yes, you spend but not that much and you get to support sustainability of Filipino Entrepreneurs, who provide employment to Filipino people. =) Imagine, you buy a pair of Caribbean slippers, and you help the country. Super amazing. It’s like buying Hapee toothpaste or eating at Jollibee or using Myphone. (Proud to be Pinoy)

So here’s to my friend Kara Loseo. Thanks really to you for the classy Caribbean slippers you gave. Thanks for supporting Filipino-made products. You are awesome and thanks for remembering me.


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