The Indispensable F

We were told back in college that our generation(born 1987) is a distracted generation. We have all the diversions in life -Friendster, Youtube, cellphone, PSP, and mp3. These are the very reasons why we can’t focus, especially in our studies. That was about five years ago. Now, I can’t imagine what other diversions this world can offer to the younger ones! You need not have a DSL connection or go to an internet café to surf the net. You just have to plug your broadband device or connect to wifi, and there you go, you’ll meet the world whether through Facebook or Twitter.


The predicament now is how to raise a generation who will remain steadfast, focused in their studies, and in life when they grow up(despite the zillions of distractions around).


There is no perfect solution to this, but I’d like to suggest three things on how to develop the Indispensable F(focus that is) and this is parallel to taking your cup of T.E.A.


T- Teach your child the beauty of playing CHESS.

Chess is the most misunderstood sport. People would always run away from learning the game as they’d say chess is for the mentally gifted, genius, or for the boring people.

A cognitive study conducted in Europe among children ages 5-12 years old, found out that chess as aboard game, is an excellent mind stimulant that helps children develop maturity thinking. More than that, chess puzzles and openings help children improve their memory skill. Good memory plus sound judgment equals focus.


E- Enroll your child in academic programs that will make them love studying.


Most of the schools offer after class programs that are geared towards improving your child’s academic performance. However, not all seem enjoyable. In fact, students who are placed in tutorial programs would complain about the bulk of work that they have to do. So better choose what program your child will be in or scout for schools that offer really good after-class activities. One school that offers that program is Southville International School and Colleges, an international school in the South of Metro Manila, through its Abacus Mental Math Program. The program teaches children more than just mental math computation; it teaches them concentration and focus. This is open to non-SISC students.


A-Always train up your child in the way that he should go and when he is old he will not depart from it.


Start them young. Train them up in the way that you would want them to be and with proper guidance and God’s support, your child can never be in disarray. And for sure, he will have that indispensable F not only in his/ her studies but in his/ her life as well.


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