Rain. Realizations.

I got home safe, and yes, dry,  after waiting for like more than 30 minutes for the rain to stop. Thanks to a colleague who offered her car without a second thought.  We are close on a professional level, but not that close to share secrets, and yet, she insisted.  Thanks to the uninvited rain, I have come to appreciate more the beauty of being human—- of sharing and  being one with the world.

Friends forever *Dad we miss you here.
Friends forever *Dad we miss you here.


To show care to someone special or someone you love is an imperative but to care for people you don’t really know, but you really have to care for because your job requires you  is CUSTOMER SERVICE.  Good customer service is the lifeblood of any business, says Susan Ward (About.com).  But more than that, CUSTOMER SERVICE for me is building friendships, it’s building community.


One institution that overflows with customer service is Southville International School and Colleges, not just because I work for the school but because I have witnessed how dedicated and passionate the people are, doing things beyond the call of duty, still with smiles and enthusiasm, and really finds time to ask how are you and how do you do.


Apart from Southville, three companies  that exemplify customer service, and I’d like you to experience the same, are:


download (5)

*My mom was given free repair of her eyeglasses, without literally batting an eye lash… and here’s the catch, she did not even purchase the glasses from Ideal Vision. So next time that you’ll need a new pair of glasses, drop by in any of their branches..


download (4)

*Offers Free BP and consultation to everyone—- again, for free.  More than that, the staff would welcome you with all their smiles overflowing just upon opening the door.  Their store is not that big but their hearts are.  They sell generic drugs, yes, but their service is pure and branded!


link media

*Thanks to Ms. Len, Sir Benj and to the whole team of Link Media who always support us with our projects. They dont just print tarpaulins, they print tarpaulins with love— and during moments that we had to rush orders, they never failed us. NEVER.  For printing requirements, 820-8592 is the number to call.


This rain just reminds me how we too can become like rain… We can pour kindness to people  we love and those we dont know. Call it CUSTOMER SERVICE, call it promotional activity, but you may call it MINISTRY—sharing, loving, pouring like rain.


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