This is not about Westlife (Throwback Write up)

I am a self confessed Westlife fan. I was 12 when I developed this love for Westlife. Both Swear it Again and If I Let You Go were topping over the radio charts then. Their music videos were played everyday in MTV and Channel V. Their posters were everywhere. Their pictures were printed in magazines and song hits… Oh I would never forget March 1, 2001. Westlife became MTV’s Artist of the Month.


Westlife story started seven years ago in Sligo, a sleepy town two hours west of Dublin with . . . I’m sorry. I thought I’m writing a composition entitled “Westlife and Me.” I almost forgot that this column is not about Westlife.


I accidentally listened to a certain song over the radio one Saturday night. The band sounds like Simple Plan so I tuned in. I also admire them. Their voices are awesome, they sing in a very unique manner. Although, I think, some of their songs are melancholic, full of regret and angst like in One Day and Perfect. That fact would not hinder me from admiring them. Through songs, you can express yourself. It’s always good to be real.


The song I happened to listen to is entitled Just the Girl.  It’s all about a found love that the singer has been searching for.  This was how I interpreted the lines, “She knocks me off my feet…she’s just the girl I’m looking for.”

Like anybody else, we are all in search for something; both material and intangible things.  Anime would always remind us of Gokou and others who are looking for the Dragon balls, Ash for the Pokemons, Recca for the Hachiryu (flame dragons) and Richard for Erika in Daimos.  The movies Brother Bear, the Pacifier, Castaway and Star Wars did have the quest for something. Vin Diesel was up to look for the doctors’ formula, the Brother was in search for the meaning of his totem-pole before beoaming a bear, the man trapped in the island was seeking for someone’s help, Anakin was digging into his past. Even TV programs have this “search attitude”, PBB for the housemate who will survive, Starstruck for the ultimate survivor, Sugo for the Alay, I-witness for the challenging stories and The Buzz for the latest showbiz gossips.  Employers are eyeing for dedicated and enthusiastic employees, farmers for the fertile soil, investors for profitable businesses, teachers for participative students and Juan dela Cruz for the non-corrupt ever serving government officials.

Searching for something is inevitable.  We look for the perfect love, our ideal partner.  We keep on finding friends who will accept us the way we are.  We are always up to have solutions for every problem.  People are hunting high paying jobs, nice clothes, delicious foods, relaxing music, latest gadgets and cell phone models, etc.  We look for a lot of things.  We ask for what we do not have.

It is always like that.  We are busy and preoccupied of searching for society’s acceptance and approval.  We tend to focus more on earthly things that we become oblivious and no longer seek for God’s will.  Searching for life’s meaning is the hardest thing to do, yet we often forget to.


*Written in 2006


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