Surrendering Sinusitis

My extreme colds every other week will always remind me that I live by God’s grace and mercy, and that by myself, I cannot stand on my own.

I could not exactly remember when or how I got this sinusitis but I could vividly recall the feeling of having a tube inserted through my nose up to my throat—with fluids passing through the tube.  This might sound gross to some, but it was more of a relief for me especially that back then, I had to sleep past 12 midnight because I could hardly breath and lying down would mean chess pain.  I had to stop taking Vitamin C since I had become more dependent that every time I would run out of tablets, I would have sinusitis attack.

It has been more than 10 years now, and survival for breathing has always been part of my routine.  Back in grade school, I would go home with handkerchiefs filled with the sticky fluid, sometimes white, sometimes yellow and sometimes green. I would consume rolls of tissue papers and put an extra effort so people will be able to understand me when I talk, when you have colds, your voice is 100% affected.

From time to time, I have to do home-made inhaler with Vicks, salt and hot water plus towel and a little patience to declog my puffy nose. Sometimes I have to have three pillows to be able to sleep but I praise the Lord because after all the challenges prior to sleeping, I usually wake up with a heart ready to experience new things and although faced with challenges, I know I will overcome.


Two nights ago, I had my sinusitis attack again. I was so tired that I could not get up and I could not sleep either and then it hit me. In my weakness, the Lord is my strength. I surrendered my Sinusitis to God and in full hope; I know I will be 100% healed. The next day, I was perfectly breathing, without colds or anything. Should sinusitis visit me again one of these days, I will not fret because I have God bigger than any colds in the world.


My sinusitis attack is not as life threatening or as painful as what our Kababayans in Visayas especially in Leyte is experiencing right now and this goes to all who are affected by typhoon Yolanda and by the recent earthquake in Bohol and struggle in Mindanao, we have a big GOD bigger than all our problems and He will never leave us nor abandon us. Have faith.


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