Parenting 101 for Newlyweds

Just when I thought that it would just be one of the regular events we would organized (don’t get me wrong, when I say regular, it doesn’t mean I don’t give my full best but regular in a way that we do this at least once a year), I was in awe when finally I welcomed the attendees of our recently organized mini-open house.

The open house catered to parents of incoming preschool to grade 2 students. Aimed at discussing the benefits of having an international early childhood education at Southville, the event was attended by mostly young couples or first time parents. This made the open house even more meaningful. Seeing these couples listen to our Deputy Principal talk about our programs and share our best practices is overwhelming.

They could have spent their Saturday at the mall or in a restaurant or somewhere else where they could bond and perhaps have their post valentine celebration (it was held last February 28) but they opted to spend it with us and it’s just so sweet that the parents went together with the dads mostly running after their kids and the moms asking questions from time to time. They held hands once a while, smiled at each other and cuddled their child. Oh well, it was a formal yet a romantic event…

And since my Facebook wall and my Instagram account have been flooded with pictures of newlywed couples, let me share some parenting tips that we can learn from the attendees of the open house we just organized.

  1. Parenting is Listening to what your wife/husband has to say.

You’ll form a heart when you put together your left ear and right ear.  Dont feel like you know better than your partner, when it comes to parenting, be open-minded. Nothing compares to knowing that your thoughts are valued. After all, you both just want the best for your child.

  1. Parenting means being together in making small and big decisions that would affect your children’s future, such choosing a school for them.

Since you can get almost anything in just a click, sometimes, we just make decisions fast because it’s more convenient for us. But this should not be the way. Some of those who attended our open house learned about Southville through the internet, and yet, after reading reviews about the school, they decided to go together and experience the program themselves.


  1. Value the time that you are with your partner.

Dont make your busy schedule an excuse to spend quality time with your wife/husband. Dont be too pre-occupied in your work. Yes. You have to work hard enough for your family’s future but find time to nurture your relationship. After-all, you don’t want to come home one day realizing that your wife/husband has become distant from you.

  1. Make simple events romantic and memorable.

You don’t have to spend so much for this. Find your common interests and start from there.  Attend your child’s school events together, pray together, read the newspaper together, simple things, yet sweet and memorable.


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