Of Burdened Hearts, Boxes and Blessings

I am neither a guidance counselor nor a class adviser, but my work requires a lot of listening, talking and understanding people. Working as a Public Relations and Marketing Specialist in a school, I have to make sure that customers are attended to and as much as possible, help them with their needs, provide solutions to their problems, and (my personal goal that is) make them realize that life is a blessing in itself.


Today is an understatement of what I had for the day.  After talking to more than 20 people in the morning for my regular “visits”, I was welcomed with some burdened hearts in the office as I talked to a family faced with some challenges of “parenting”, “letting go” and “moving forward.”

The student tries to withdraw from attending classes, her parents seem like helpless, the family is sooo closed and yet so open that they don’t understand each other. As the student tries to shun away from the real world and cuddle in her own, her parents are left blaming themselves and pointing fingers to each other.


And so here comes my nature of work— help them find solution to their problems, and yes, make them realize that life, in itself, is a blessing.  Oh well, I was just supposed to set a meeting with her professors (but most of them have classes and are not available yet) but I guess, when you have imbibed the caring culture of Southville, you cant help it but try to reach out a little more and extend your heart.


I never thought that talking to them is a blessing too. Usually, when I have to attend to some “concerns,” I would be drained and kinda down in a way but this one is different.


While listening to their “story”, I realized that I was silently praying that Id be able to help them out and hope that encouraging words would eventually come out–not just to “pacify” them but to bring the student to the world where she can smile, laugh and enjoy life.


I just thank God that he put the right words into my mouth and instead of me being drained, the meeting was more of an encouragement for me and has made me even want to serve Him more.


It is just amazing how an ordinary brown box came into the picture. I remember telling the student that our life is like an empty box, if its kept closed and placed in a corner, nothing will happen and will remain empty, but if we try to open up, we receive and give something in return, a box is filled with surprises that will only be discovered if opened. 


Eventually,  we promised that we will be friends with each other and sealed this promise with a prayer.  Oh well, God has really ways of making us realize things, and for me, its a reminder that…




Do find time to listen to 702 DZAS and visit http://www.febc.ph. I also try to write inspirational stories via

http://www.wattpad.com/user/ElydiaReyes See you around! God bless you.




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