Planting Seed One Person at a Time 

Today, as I wait for my turn for my ultra-sound to validate my doctor’s findings of reflux disease, I can’t help but meditate on last Sunday’s lesson of being light and salt to the world as Christians.

It is a challenge indeed, to keep on shining and being able to keep the fire burning. You see, there are times that we become too occupied with daily routines that we fall behind and let the world overcome us but we should never get tired of testifying for God because we will still shine, through Him and in Him if we fully trust in Him.

Working in an international school, I have the privilege to meet students coming from different countries, of various beliefs and religion.

Just recently, I became friends with a student from a non-Christian country and I became somewhat like a mentor. I have learned that he doesn’t believe in God, he does not have religion but what’s good about him is that his heart is willing to listen and he respects people. So I started from there. Giving him inspirational stories from time to time, talk about God and just being with him when he needed help.

His initial plan was to stay until first week of April but he had to leave early March to process his US application. I was kinda sad because I was not able to really bring him to church or pray over him but God revealed to me that his ways are beyond what I can imagine…

“Ms. Thank you for book from you. I couldn’t study on Southville if you hadn’t done many things to me. .. Thank you so much.”

Is the message I got from him. He arrived safe and got his US Visa. The book, yes it’s a Bible. I don’t really know if he will be reading it or will even find time to browse over it, but in my heart, I know, God will use people to continue growing the seed that is inside him. Just like what happend to me before I accepted Jesus as my savior. I was 17 when I did. That’s 17 years of various people planting and trying to grow the seed in me and God has never left me in my journey until I found him…

Let us not get weary of doing what is good.  God knows more that what we know.

So if you are planning on giving up with the person you’ve been trying to minister, DONT. Continue sharing the gift of







Let God take charge.


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