Writing. Reading. “Wattpadding”

266 followers,  more than 1K reads, 5 stories, 2 completed, 3 ongoing. 

This is what you’ll see in my Wattpad profile. 

I have become a member since last year but it was only recently when I became an active user– meaning I don’t just read stories but I write stories. Thanks to my friend and fellow wattpad member whose story I have come to love.

Why I got so hooked with Wattpad is simple— it is simply amazing. 

Gone are the days when as readers you dream of talking to the authors and hope that someday, you’ll meet them. With wattpad, you can actually become friends with authors of stories that you are reading and even help each other to write better stories. They encourage you and inspire you. I am now friends with authors from England, Turkey, U.S. And of course Philippines. Yes, they are not renowned authors just yet, but who knows. With Wattpad, you get to understand what the author feels like and even get to have a feel of the story itself in real time. 

Wattpad also encourages Gratefulness to the real meaning of it. You follow one writer and she follows you back. You vote for the story and the author votes back.  I initially had 26 loyal followers before I reach 266 in a span of 4 days. Yes. Not all may have followed me back but a lot did and thanked me for doing so.  From time to time, I would receive messages in my inbox thanking me for their support. Wow! How I wish though that this also transcends to real life situations like you know, we vote for our leaders and they express their gratitude by doing REAL time service to people. 

Wattpad also encourages creativity, spontaneity and even productive use of time.  I have updated 2 chapters of my stories while in a long trip. Traffic is not a waste of time anymore, but an opportunity to express yourself and touch people’s lives across the world. 

Lastly, Wattpad is also a tool to minister to people. My story Agos, although written in Tagalog has become a story of reaching out to people who almost lost hope and I am blessed with positve feedback, one of the readers even mentioned that the story HIT her, bull’s eye.

Catch my stories too. 

1. Agos 

2. Relentless

3. And I Kiss Brian Goodbye

4. Sa Pag-ihip-ihip Ng Hangin

5. Forevermore 

ElydiaReyes- Wattpad account 



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