#Day 1: Cheers to a Wonderful Friendship and the Gift of being in a Communtiy of Faith 

Last night was a memory that I’d surely keep. 

My mom and I randomly played a guessing game wherein I’d tell her names of my former classmates from preschool to college and she had to tell me in what school are they from. Out of more than 50 names I mentioned, my mom only missed one. She pretty knows everyone. 

In my 27 years, God has indeed showered me with friends that have become my support system apart from my family and relatives. I have not really experienced something so heartbreaking but you know, these people have helped me in one way or another. And now that I only have 2 months left till I hit 28, I’d like to celebrate life everyday through writing about how blessed my every day life is. 

I am taking the challenge to keep seeing God’s goodness from Sunday to Saturday, 24 hours a day and share this with you readers. I’ll be writing 365 reasons why I am blessed and will start with today, April 19,2015.


#Day 1: Cheers to a Wonderful Friendship and the Gift of being in a Communtiy of Faith 
Today as we celebrate our church’s 32nd founding anniversary, I can’t help but thank God for making me part of a community of faith through UCCP Church of the Evangel. It has been 8 years and counting since I first set my feet in COTE.

At first, I was more of a regular church goer but eventually, I found my ministry in the Sunday school. The experience has been helping me with my journey of knowing more and more Jesus. My schedule from time to time would still affect my involvement with church but the support of the members of the community of faith I belong to has always been visible. I am not closed with everyone but they would always show that they care about you. You could feel their sincerity especially from the members of the ministry I belong to. 

*Below is a photo taken with our pastor, speaker and some churchmates. The message highlights the importance of growing spiritually, maturing with the Lord and making our spirituality an influential tool to reach out to people.



*Below is a photo taken with one of my “adopted grandmas” in church. Her smiles never failed to inspire me. 


Apart from our church anniversary, today is indeed a blessing as I have accidentally met my friend whom I have not seen for years now since college. The joy of embracing a friend is just nostalgic.  We were not able to do really some catching up but I’ve felt in my heart that our friendship is one that is forever. 

*Below is a photo taken with my treasured friend Sheila Mondia. Background is just like our friendship. Colorful. 

I know that there’s gonna be more things to celebrate and I look forward to welcoming the memories tomorrow and the days to come. 

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Please do read Relentless and And I Kiss Brian Goodbye. 

God bless you.  

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Be kind and compassionate to one another, forgiving each other, just as in Christ God forgave you.

Ephesians 4:32 NIV


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