#Day 3: Such a Blessing, Can’t Get Enough of Fried Chicken and Wonderful People to Talk To

Do you still remember how to dissect a frog? Or would you be able to recall the different types of rocks? 

Well, I have not experienced dissecting a frog but early this morning, an incoming grade 7 student was able to transfer the thrill of doing such in his stories. He was able to challenge me as well to brush up my Earth Science as I try to recall the differnt types of rocks. 

Being at Southville International School, I have been exposed to wonderful people to talk to.  Yes at times, not so wonderful but as a whole, the experience has always been amusing especially if I talk to students coming from all over the world,  all excited to attend school.  

*Meeting new people, experiencing their culture and blending with them—such a blessing. 


Today apart from dissecting a frog, I also got the chance to share with an officemate the joy of being with the Lord and the challenge of letting Him take control of my life over a quick lunch of fried chicken and plain rice plus a bottle of C2 for Php 77.00 And take note, that fried chicken I didn’t buy myself, but some wonderful people did. Isn’t that wonderful?


Catch me over wattpad @ElydiaReyes. Enjoy the day! God bless you. 


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