#Day 4: ️Grateful for Simple Things that Make Extra-ordinary Experience 

I was so sleepy last night that I almost missed writing this one but I thought why would I miss thanking God for yesterday?  Well, it’s true that nothing so big happened yesterday but there were several simple events that made my Wednesday extra-ordinary.  

1. I made my officemates sing some random nursery rhymes unintentionally as we joined the preschool applicant. My last song syndrome? Teddy bear, teddy bear…. It is always a joy to look back when you were still young and all you do was sing good songs. 😄😄😄

2. My Day almost ended with the moon and the stars beautifully painted in the sky, a promise of a better day ahead and that God’s love never fails. 

*promise of better days ahead!  
3. Falling in line in a fast food chain just to make sure that I would bring home Milky White. My family’s smile was just breathtaking. 
*my family is such an awesome gift from God  
4. Receiving a chat message from one of my wattpad readers asking me for more updates.

 *check this out  http://w.tt/1CoDPsF 

5. Sleeping so well that I have the energy to write this down today. 
Well, I better keep going. I know extraordinary things are yet to come. Our God is awesome. 
*catch me @elydiareyes via wattpad. See yah. Remember, God loves you. 


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