#Day 5: Kamsamhamnida for Brian, Shane, Nicky, Mark and Kian: Westlife lives On and On and On…

While waiting for an important email to be sent, I saw myself googling about Westlife last night. This is not so much of a big deal really to most of you but with me, it is. Westlife has always been a source of inspiration since I was in grade six and up to now and counting. Even if they disbanded last 2012, I know in my heart, they will forever be one- WESTLiFE. 

And here are some life lessons brought out by being a fan and since I’m Brian’s girl 😄😄😄😄 let me spell it out using his name. 

Build one another.

Even if they are not together anymore, I have not read any article in which Shane or Mark speak ill about Other Westlife members. In one article, Kian was even asking people to support Mark’s new album. 

Remember to never give up. 

Shane declared bankrupcy in 2012 and that their business owes a big amount of money but this did not stop Shane from living his life. He might have felt troubling  thoughts but he moved on and started anew. Now, he has a solo career and there’s no stopping him. In his recent visit in the Philippines in one of the seasons of The Voice, Shane even trended in Twitter. 

Inspire people through your craft. 

God has given us talents and abilities. For Westlife members, it’s more of their music what about yours? Our giftedness and meant to be shared for God’s glory. 

Always be family-oriented. 

This is one thing that I really like about Westlife members. Now that they are all fathers, most of the press releases speak wonderful about them being fathers and husbands especially for Shane and Nicky. You can google that. Well, Brian might have divorced his wife but he is now happily married. We all have second chances right? 

New chapters in our lives are meant to be celebrated.

I guess it’s normal to worry from time to time what happens next in our lives but we just have to put our full trust  with God. Every thing works together for good for those who believe in God. 
Happy Friday. Cheers! 
*the cover picture, Relentless, is a story that has a lot of Westlife songs in it. Check it out at http://www.wattpad.com


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