#Day 6: Thankful for Long Meetings and Freebies in Between 

How many days have I been with Southville? 

Well, more than 1,000 days since June 23, 2008 when I first punched in my time card. While it is true that my journey is not that all smooth, I still have come to love the school as a whole. The people are amazing. You could feel their dedication and their passion in making sure that the school continues to grow and innovate. Our founder is the epitome of excellence. Her commitment is overflowing. 

*Our founder’s commitment is contagious. This is evident especially during our Key Results Area Night.  
One way to ensure that gaps are addressed and initiatives are established is through plannings and meetings throughout the year. 

*One of the freebies is sumptuous lunch. Yes it’s chicken again but I love chicken. Ahahaha.  

Yesterday was exemplary…I have come to prove to myself that there is indeed strength and stability in the unity of differences. It was my first time in a planning that I got to collaborate with officers of higher “value” in a group activity that we had. Usually, I was more of an observer, absorbing all the great things discussed. 
*At Southville, collaboration is one of the core values. I’m happy that I got to “work” and “tour” with the sisters from Davao recently.


I can’t help but ponder how God created us unique and special. We all have giftedness and we tend to complement each other…

 *our scholars are equally gifted. 😀😀😀 
Why do I love long meetings? Apart from free lunch, snacks, coffee and dessert, long meetings highlight collaboration and the commitment to excellence. 
*Catch my short stories at ElydiaReyes in wattpad. God bless you. 


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