#Day 7: Joyful to Celebrate Bossing’s Birthday

If there’s one TV program that I would say is classic and phenomenal, that would be no other than Eat Bulaga. 
*Laban o Bawi   
Watching the tv show has become one of my “comfort activities” and I was glad that after missing so many episodes, I was able to make it to Bossing Vic Sotto’s celebration yesterday. 

Why Eat Bulaga is something to be thankful for? 

1. Eat Bulaga is a bonding time with my family. I will never forget how my brother ferdie would laugh his heart out watching Jose and Wallie. 

* My brother really is a man of few words but he would never miss laughing out loud while watching Eat Bulaga   
2. Eat Bulaga is like a family. 

3. Eat Bulaga presents social issues in a creative way and becomes a tool to impact change. 

 *all enjoy eat Bulaga even this cat. Ahahaah. Kidding aside, their segments empower the Filipino people. Especially Juan for All.  
4. Eat Bulaga brings out my creativity.

*Being a radio drama writer, I get inspirations from the stories of people featured. Just like this icecream, Eat Bulaga is colorful.   
5. Eat Bulaga is Eat Bulaga. Phenomenal. Classical. Asig. A blessing. 


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