#Day 9:Heart-felt Joy for Graduations and New Beginnings 

About 5 years ago, I was asked to write a press release which was published in a broadsheet and in a school website. The press release had something to do with the partnership of 2 giants in their respective fields of discipline, one in the medical field-Las Pinas Doctors Hospital, and the other, in education, Southville International School and Colleges. The partnership gave birth to a respected school—– South Seed-LPDH college and the rest is history, 

Yesterday, I was a witness to the growth of SSLC as they held their first graduation exercise. It was an honor to see students beaming with joy as I remember back then the article I had to write. I am glad to be part of the growing school, seeing some of the students I have assisted, closer to reaching their dreams. 

 *robert beaming with pride.  
Later that day, I became a mother to one of our scholars, Robert, who had excelled and went beyond his abilities during our Night School Graduation ceremony. His achievements is an inspiration already as well as the achievement of my other daughter, Jomabel. 

*joms receiving an award 
These two have proven than you can balance responsibilities through dedication, commitment and the drive to achieve and that we can do anything through Chrsit who gives us strength. 

To all the graduates, welcome the new beginning with faith in yourself and faith in God that he will bring you to the right path. God has big plans for you, and to my niece, Abby, who also graduated and has exceeded beyond, I Am Proud of You. You will overcome and I love you. 

*my niece Abby received several awards. 



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