Day 13: Glory to God for Employment and Celebration of National Labor’s Day

I was 17 when I first received my hard-earned “allowance” from a tutorial center I worked with as a part time assistant/teacher-aide. I was so grateful and overjoyed. I remember heading straight to a department store to buy badminton racket and went home with beaming pride as I handed the racket to my brother. It was an accomplishment to see his smile and excitement. Every Saturday, we would play badminton at a nearby Basketball court.
At 20 though, I had to resign from my once a week “work stint” to focus with my studies and my practicum. Little did I know that my internship will land me a part time writing exposure in a big radio station under an established production outfit. Writing drama is God’s gift to me, meeting those radio talents I used to listen to was a dream realized. To date, I have written more than 100 radio drama scripts and my talent fee would come handy in times when I needed extra resources. More than the “talent fee” I receive, it is the fulfilment of expressing myself and reaching out to the listeners that really inspire me to stay on plus of course, my producers and co-writers.
A day after I turned 21, I was welcomed with a new community as I officially started working at Southville. I would say that it was really blessings after blessings for the past 6 years.  The journey is not all smooth but every day is a learning experience. Yesterday, I had a day off from work as I celebrated the National Labor’s Day with
my cousins in Laguna. It was  a short but revitalizing one.
Today as I reminisce my journey of being an “employee”, I cant help but be thankful that God has always been with me through thick or thin and I will be forever grateful to my creator who has given me strength

and power. I know I can do all things because He has strengthened me.


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Be kind and compassionate to one another, forgiving each other, just as in Christ God forgave you.

Ephesians 4:32 NIV


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