So its Labor Day huh? Post Labor Day Musings

We were on our way back to Las Pinas from our quick Laguna get-away when I came across some rallyists. While I would like to commend their dedication to fighting for the rights of all employees across the
country, I still believe that more than rallying, the leaders of these groups should be able to help the members see a better future ahead of them and help them become more confident of what they are capable of
doing, and from there, find alternatives to augment their income. LEAD them to the way where there is light!

I know I am not in the position to give advice but please bear with me as I rant and speak my thoughts of this matter.

You regularly spend resources (energy, time, money) in rallying in the streets in hope that the government will listen to all the “SHOUTS” and “COMPLAINTS” but we have proven that they rarely listen. I was
even in awe when I saw one group leader, who had the chance to sit in the congress, still joining the rally. What happened to the opportunity of changing the system when you were in the system?

Why not spend the resources in equipping the rallyists of “skills” that they can use to support their family. For instance, instead of coming up with BIG effigy (which is creatively done by the way),  why not start a livelihood out of it? Come up with life size effigy of known personalities and sell them online? Impossible, well, no one has tried yet.

Or what about with the money that you have, allot slots for scholarships to the children of the rallyists? Send them to college and empower them. I am not sure if this is happening, but hope youll consider.

While we know that  SALARY increase is something that employees usually look forward to, there are other ways in which you can make your employees feel valued and appreciated! Instead of just
apologizing that YOU CANT give the increase that they need!
–       Send birthday cards during birthdays.
–       Pray for them (well, this one is kinda challenging right? But give it a try.)
–       Empower them in making simple decision that will help improve your company.
–       Come up with bonding activities for them and their family. Hold maybe a family day.
–       Initiate incentives to those who have perfect attendance and awar them during assemblies or general          meetings.

–       Allot time for group talks and activities that will open up        opportunities for employees to speak their minds. Who knows, the greatest ideas might be coming from them.

–       Love them as you love yourself. In this way, you are assured that you will treat them equally, you will value them and respect them as they are equally valuable as you.

        Congratulations on all the press releases—telling us that our economy is doing just great! Please let the ordinary people have a feel of what it is like to have a good economy. Please extend this to the grassroots. Calling all local government units, make us feel that we are part of the economy’s growth. Show us projects. Projects like
that of the Marikina government (converting food waste into organic fertilizers), I am not from Marikina but I think the LGU is doing just great!

        The pasture is always greener on the other side.  But while you are still employed with the current company you are in, please, please, find reasons to celebrate and enjoy your work. The more you complain,
the more energy you use, the lesser productive you are. If this becomes a cycle, even if you transfer work places, it will happen again and again.

       You are in that company because of a reason. Look back, look around you and look up. You will find out why. We are all given 24 hours, we are all capable of doing something great, so believe in yourself and be the best in whatever field you are.


Thanks for reading my blog. I look forward to hearing your thoughts. PM me or leave your comments and don’t forget to visit


Be kind and compassionate to one another, forgiving each other, just as in Christ God forgave you.

Ephesians 4:32 NIV


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