#Day 18: Thankful for our Ugly Betty Moments and Unguarded Laughters

Ugly Betty is the only Hollywood series that I got so hooked to the point of watching the DVD over and over again. 

Apart from the fact that it used to be a bonding activity with my friend, the show has underscored the fact that despite of challenges that we may face in life, we can always do something to get away from it, and capitalize on our experiences to help us make better decisions. We learn from our past and overcome. 

Ugly Betty Moments is thus defined as awkward moments that will bring out our creative side, coming up with simple solutions as we laugh our heart out. 

I have had  my fair share of Ugly Betty Moments and the most recent one was yesterday. ..

We ordered from our favorite fast food chain the most sought after chicken for lunch. 

Just like kids, we were so excited, I could feel my tastebuds jumping for happiness, but I guess, we can’t all enjoy the things that we desire for all at once. We waited for almost 2 hours. And just as we are hungrily devouring our food under the warmth of the mighty sun, the wind blew and brought with him the “order” of my officemate leaving her uniform with ketchup all over. Being a polite person that (yes, please believe me) I am, I controlled my laughter. 

I was kinda worried for her since we have to be presentable and the stain will never maker her one. She hurriedly went to the restroom and in a matter of less than 5 minutes, my officemate went back, this time with her uniform tucked in, the ketchup stain being covered.
Not naming my officemate but she is in the picture below.   
And with that, We all ended up with contagious Laughters that lightened our workload. 

What have I learned from yesterday’s ugly Betty moment?

  • Simplify things. Don’t think too much. Don’t make it complicated
  • Always have the presence of mind to act and react as necessary. 
  • Our awkward moments help us enjoy life and it’s complexities. 
  • Love life. 
  • Smile a lot and make every moment counts. 

So the next time you will have ugly Betty moments, look deep within you and realize that you are wonderfully created by God. 
*america Ferreira is just so superb. 


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Be kind and compassionate to one another, forgiving each other, just as in Christ God forgave you.

Ephesians 4:32 NIV


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