The Interests of Others.

Great article. Must read.


When I was younger, I wasn’t the brightest…I used to live on the bottom of a very step hill. The hill wasn’t very long, but it was step. Most of the neighborhood kids would walk halfway up the hill and ride down. We used to have competitions to see how high we could go, but no one ever went to the top…unless you were me.

So there I was, little 10 year old Nicolas. I was probably the most prideful kid around. I wanted everyone to think I was the radest. I told my little buds that I was going to take my Razor scooter to the top, then ride down. I don’t know if you dudes remember this, but Wal-Mart used to sell those little 2-foot black skateboard ramps. Well I set mine up at the very bottom of the sidewalk, and decided that I was going to jump…

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