#Day23: Green, Green Grass of Mother Earth 

How  would you want long meetings to end?

A sweet dessert?

A  “night out” with friends?


Just random moments of simplicity that brings in joy? 

I had all three today (please read As May 11) after our regular meeting that usually ends around 7pm. 

Straight from the meeting, we headed  to the venue of the big event that we are organizing. We were all in awe as  we felt the simplicity of Mother Earth and her beauty. The grass smelled fresh and the view was just breathtaking as we moved around the field. We didn’t miss the oppurntiy of taking our picture to capture the moment. 

As we went back  to the office, I was welcomed with a box of sansrival that satisfied my sweet cravings. 

Indeed, simple things can also bring extraordinary happiness. God has given us access to all these experiences and it is up to us how we welcome them. There are times that we get blinded with the work that we feel so exhausted. Don’t give up. Look around you and feel the warmth of God’s embrace that even in simple things, we are loved. 


Thanks for reading my blog. I look forward to hearing your thoughts. PM me or leave your comments and don’t forget to visit www.febc.phwww.southville.edu.phhttp://www.wattpad.com/107471704-relentless-v-vianna/page/2


Be kind and compassionate to one another, forgiving each other, just as in Christ God forgave you.

Ephesians 4:32 NIV


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