#Day25:Conquering Greater Heights with the Great but not so Girly Girl Gerlie (May 13,2015)

She doesn’t like all pink. 

She doesn’t usually wear feminine-style of clothing. 

She doesn’t focus much on applying make up on her face…


She is more than lovable. 

Her beauty is exemplary—-physical wise, her eyes glitter with dream and hope, and her heart is pure with love for her family and the people she cares for.

Her name is Gerlie, my not so girly girl, but someone I have continued conquering greater heights everyday of my life for almost 7 years now. 

I am a witness to how God has molded Gerlie’s life back when she was stil a scholar up to the time she graduated cum laude and until she got promoted. She has always set a goal for herself and does everything to make those goals come to life. 

Today, as we sing to Chris Tomlin’s songs, I can’t help but thank God for giving me a friend like Gerlie. We may not share a lot of common interests together, but I know, together we will grow in faith and in love. 

Oftentimes, we look at the great people in our history as inspirations. But We don’t need to look every where to keep us motivated in life, look around you and you’ll see that people who are even younger than you can serve as  an inspiration or better yet, be an inspiration yourself as God’s light shine through you. 

Conquer greater heights today. 


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