#Day26: Hello World from the other Sides of the Globe (March 14,2015)

Do you still remember what it felt like the first time you heard someone’s voice on the other line?

I’m pretty sure that it would be such an amazing experience especially if that voice was from someone you love. You could just imagine what Alexander Graham Bell felt like when at the age of 29, he invented telephone. Perhaps, there was excitement because of the new creation, joy that he could connect people from across the globe.

But have you wondered what it would feel like talking to random people in one day and you’ll never know what would the purpose of the call be? What if you were left alone for like a couple of minutes with 2 telephones ringing one after the other and you had to go from one side of the office to the other side of the office?

Well, that happened to me today and by God’s grace, I was able to manage handling the calls without sacrificing the “quality” of the conversation made, with one call lasting for more than 12 minutes up to finally, encouraging them to visit the school and take the admission exam.

 I really commend people who are in the Call Center Industry (yes, including my brother) for the passion they put into their work. Imagine how it would feel like talking to people you really don’t know and being a solution to their problem? Some might be even shouting at you but you have to control your emotion and stay focus and still help.

I remember when I started working with my company a few years back, I was really surprised that we have all the phones in the world and that part of our “things to do” is to answer ringing telephones. I was hesitant at first because that was something new to me ( We don’t have a landline at home.), but eventually, answering phone calls has become a ministry.


* I thank God for my korean officemate who  rescues me if I’d have a hard time understanding Korean callers. 

I learned that you can make or break someone on the other line by the tone of your voice. If you answer calls in a positive, vibrant manner, you could feel the change of the mood of the person on the other line and being able to help the caller in your own way, gives a feeling of accomplishment.

This blog post is a reminder to myself and to all the other employees who have direct access to the companies’ telephones. WE ALL HAVE THE OPPORTUNITY TO TOUCH PEOPLE’S LIVES ACROSS THE GLOBE, even if we don’t know them, even in our simple standard script of “Thank you for calling ______________” we can make a difference.
Standard calls usually last for less than 60 seconds, imagine what you can do in 60 seconds!

That caller might be having a hard day or is in a bad shape, and your voice might just be the “cheer up” voice to bring them back to reality, that life, no matter how difficult it may seem, is a blessing.

Be a blessing today.


Cover photo is 2pm and I wish someday I’ll get to Answer their call. 🙂



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