#Day28:Sweet, Young, Carefree Kittens (May 16,2015)

It was burning hot when I got home and yet what welcomed me was just breathtaking that it didn’t feel hot at all. Four kittens were silently sleeping that I had to walk as silent as the wind so not to wake them up.

I always have a thing for cats. They give me this feeling of peace and contentment. Cats do not care whether it’s hot as long as they feel they own the world, nothing else matters. They run to you if they feel like, they sing lullaby and make you feel special that even in their silence, you know you have them.


Yes. At times, to be silent is also a way of reaching out. Sometimes, what people need is just someone who is willing to listen.

Silence is also a way of opening yourself to the Lord. Blocking off yourself away from the noise in you and around you. It is in solitude that we find peace too. 

But not all the time you have to be silent. There are times that you have to speak your heart out especially if it means standing up for your faith and making it known to people that our God is the only one.

Sweet, young, carefree kittens. We can also be like them. Sweet, young at heart and carefree and responsible adults shining and growing in faith.


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