#Day 29: An Unconventional Friendship with a Super Woman (March 17,2015)

Ours is not a typical kind of friendship…

We don’t watch movies together and eat out although we have planned for it for the nth time. 

We don’t call each other any endearment, just a simple Oso from time to time.

 We don’t leave in the same village. 

We don’t splurge in shopping or the girly stuff. 

We have not seen each other for so long but our friendship runs deep in our hearts. 

My friendship with Carla Ravanes is something that I’d always treasure. Ours is founded in our common faith and is continuously growing by God’s grace. 


Carla is not just a friend but my spiritual partner who never falters. How long has it been? Since 2008 and counting. She has always been a counsel and knowing that a friend is always out there to pray for you is a blessing. 

Oso, I want you to know that you mean a lot to me. You are a superwoman because God has molded you, and is still molding you. Let us continue to grow in faith as we know more and more about Him. 

We meet a lot of people in our lives, they come, they go. But whatever happens, leave the mark, the mark that would shine for the Lord as we testify His greatness to the ends of the earth. 

Here’s a video worth singing along.

Think of that person who has made a significant difference in your life and pray for that person now. Even in silence, your presence is felt. Cheers! 


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