#Day 30: When You are Called, You are Called (May 18, 2015)

When you are called to serve Him, no matter what happens, God will use every single possible tool to bring you to Him and mold you into becoming what He has planned you to become even if you wouldn’t want to or even if you were not ready yet.

Someone I know just arrived from a business trip today. This person’s trip did not become all smooth sailing. In the very beginning, there was a problem with the booking of the flight. The person’s flight was booked at a different date and so there was a need to rebook and pay at an extra charge. The allowance was not processed early and the hotel accommodation was not properly booked too. Everything seemed to be not in order not until Sunday, when for more than a decade, the person met some relatives and for the first time in 2015, made that person attend a Christian service.

And then, all of a sudden, something inside of that person has changed. The person felt that joy of COMING HOME to the Savior and realized that after all these years, Jesus has never changed, He is the same yesterday, today and the days to come.

We all might have had experiences when we felt like we are alone in our journey. Even the most faithful Christians experience challenges and sometimes, we are caught off guard and even considered giving up the battle.

I remember when I was in college, my Thesis partner and I had to change our thesis subject for three times, repeat Chapters 1 to 3 three times and revised over and over again. We were both disheartened at first but we didn’t give up. Only to find out that in His time, God will reveal His plans to us. We were awarded Best in Thesis during our graduation. That thesis, after several years, was chosen as one of the thesis to be featured in our school’s library. That thesis has the life of a someone who acknowledges God’s providence in her life. That thesis served as a ministering tool as well to reach out to people.
There was also this time when I had to decline an opportunity of working with an actress as her executive assistant. I was offered the job a week before my graduation. I had to beg off and requested if it could possibly be after my graduation but it didn’t materialize. Later it was revealed to me that I would be teaching in our Summer Vacation Church School (my first and last although I am still active in the weekly ministry) and eventually, will be with a company that offered a better package.

Today, as you read this blog entry, I know that just like me, there are things in your life that are still unsettled. We all have our baggage to carry but we need not carry these baggage ALONE. Even in our most painful experiences, our God will always be around. He is just waiting for you to come HOME as He has prepared everything for you.

And while we take that journey into discovering our life’s purpose, find comfort in the knowledge that God has orchestrated everything for you. You just have to fully surrender unto His arms.

Everything will always work together for those who believe in Him.


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