#Day31: Teachabilty and the Willingness of the Heart (May 19,2015)

His age…


Not a fresh graduate, somehow a newbie but when you look at his eyes, you’d see a thousand more potentials in him. He is open to suggestions and accepts “words of wisdom” with an open heart and I know someday, he would make it big. He is a new officemate, from a different department, yet he openly listened to our reminders in our meeting today. (1st meeting so far for today)

Teachabilty is the ability to open one’s self to corrections and taking every opportunity to learn from other people. Learning should not be limited to the youngs but even to us adults. Our experiences are not the same as what others have experienced. So from time to time, our hearts should always be open to new things that we can learn not only from the experts but also to the younger ones as they too, have a lot of things to share. 

My second meeting is a more productive one as we tried to brainstorm on topics to write about. I have learned so much from listening to them and to think, I am the most senior, yet, their ideas are worth taking into consideration. 

In life, we will have the chance to meet a lot of people who could always impact our lives. We have to have a teachable heart to make the most of our experiences and while we live our life here on earth, busy ourselves with our works, let us always be reminded that we have our greatest teacher, Jesus Christ, who can lead us to where we should belong. 

Have a good one today! Don’t forget to have at least 2 servings of banana because it’s good for the health. Google than one, Teachabilty, remember? 


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