#Day 32: Invigorating Intermittent Internet Connection (May 20, 2015)

It has been almost eight months since we started using pocket wifi and honestly, it was all good. I was able to download several applications that are so helpful and entertaining. I became active with WordPress, being able to write and update almost every day, post status in my Facebook and Twitter and yes, started writing for Wattpad and uploading pictures in Instagram.
The fast internet connection has also helped my mom with her powerpoint graphics for her lessons and even for my dad’s chess researches. As for my brother, the connection has introduced him to the world of COC.
The internet connection at home has made so significant things in our life that we ended up at times, spending more time surfing the net rather than doing really physical activities.
Today, I thank the Lord that for the past 2 weeks that we have had intermittent internet connection that prevented me from spending more time in the net and allowing me to sleep a little earlier that what my routine has become.
Sleeping earlier than usual has given me enough energy through out the day especially now that we are really working hard to meet our targets.
This has also re-instituted in me the value of patience as I wait for the connection to speed up. I know you might have experienced the same thing too. Not necessarily waiting for the internet connection, but waiting for our dreams to materialize, for our plans to prosper, for our prayers to be answered. Not all will come in an instant. We just have to fully trust in the Lord and everything that he has planned will unfold. We do all our best, with our full potential because God has given us the capacity to do so, but we let God take over.


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