#Day33: Grace Under Pressure and Monsters in Between (May 21,2015)

Imagine starting your day with an unplanned exhibit and there’s no way out that you could just let it go as it would be an opportunity to meet your set target. What would you do?

I took the initiative to take the responsibility and sail and was welcomed with monsters in between that I felt like playing tap Titans, I have to fight the monsters around. 


 Monster 1—-Broken fish bowl

We were all set with our things to bring  and were supposed to just bring them to the service when one of the staff accidentally slipped and broke the fish bowl which was supposed to be used for our booth gimmick. the solution, we opted to use flyer holder instead. Thank God for the creativity He has given me. 

Monster 2—-Booth permit

No permits have been processed  so we had to do everything. There was no one to blame but the processing took a while, good thing the officer was friendly enough to accommodate us. Thank God for my ability to communicate. 

Monster 3—Booth set up

We all had our booth running when at 12 nn, the boss of another exhibitor went to me and was kinda irritated for we have taken their supposed to be spot. They were late and there was no label of which is which  but just to settle thing, we just moved to another spot, and yes, would you believe that the new spot was much more strategic? yeah. We got really good potential leads.  Thank God for the gift of diplomacy. 

Monster 4—Forgetfulness 

A parent went to me, held my hand and with all her smile, asked how I was doing and went on telling stories about her child. Okay, I am guilty. I totally forgot that it was me who assisted them 2 years ago, the good news is, it didn’t show that I had amnesia and I was able to remember, and guess what, she is planning on bringing to the school a friend to enroll which was an answered prayer. Thank God for the gift of gratitude. 

Monster 5— Looooong and unwanted conversations 

Someone visited our booth and talked to me for more than 20 minutes. I thought at first, he was just inquiring but it ended up him ranting about the education system. Telling stories about earthquake, the government and everything under the sun. I could not just brush him off right? thank God that he has given me the gift to listen. 
As I reflect on what happened today, I was reminded that God has equipped me with everything that I need to face the day. and even if it felt like there would be no way out, he would lay down solutions right in front of your eyes. 
Here’s something to reflect on



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