#Day34: Life Lessons from the Backbone Boys (May 22,2015)

I literally had to run at 6:54Am today to make sure that I’d meet the team who would be setting up the stage for the concert. The call time was at 7am and I made it at around 7:06 only to find out that the team, composed of 6 men, arrived at 5:30am. 

I was so overwhelmed with the thought that they have been awake for how many hours and for sure, they would have to stay late until before midnight to dismantle the stage that they will be working on. 

As I talk to them though, I have never seen any boredom or heard them rant with their work because even if it’s hard for them, they too have so many things to be thankful for. 

1. They can watch concerns for free! Latest was that of Katy Perry 

2. They get to travel to all the great places from Cebu to  Davao or even abroad.

3. They have free food. 
Today’s concert of FNL ended pretty well and I would be forever inspired with the guys, the backbone boys,  who helped us set up the stage. If not for them, there would be no place for the artists to perform. People would never enjoy. 

In life, sometimes we feel like we are given so many things to accomplish and that we are too tired to do so. When we complain so much, we overlook that our work is indeed a gift from God and that there are perks on being in a certain workplace. Look around and appreciate. 
*Cover photo is courtesy of John Panes, Southville student who attended the FNL. 


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