#Day 36: Blissful Sunday with the Kiddos of this Generation(May 24,2015)

Receiving God’s blessings by listening to the voice of God is the core of today’s Sunday School memory verse. 

Honestly, this was not really the intended memory verse that I planned for my students to memorize. It would have been a verse lifted from Timothy but I guess, God has led me into using this verse instead that I ended up challenging my students whose ages are 7 to 10.

How do you think others will be blessed if they don’t know yet our loving God? How can we use our talents that even when you are still young, you’d help others know who God is? 

and there was a long silence…

Until one student broke his silence and asked, “there are still people who do not know who God is?”….

“Yes.” — Said the other student. “They don’t believe in God.”

And our discussion went on and on…

Before we ended the class, it was made clear to the kids that even if they are still young, they can use their talents to make the world know the joy of being with the Lord. I was reminded myself to stay on track and live my life for God. 

often times, we leave preaching to our pastors or the church leaders. But remember that God has also blessed you with the ability and the talent that you can use to shake the world. Is it dancing? Singing? Writing? Playing musical instrument? Basketball? Soccer? whatever it is, find way to reach out to the ends of the earth. perhaps, you could write down the top 5 things you are best at doing something and pray that you’ll be used in those areas. 



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