#Day35:Fully-booked and Fully-blessed (May 23,2015)

I had to run from one place to another to another to another today. And even if it was tiring, at the end of the day, I still slept with a realization that no matter how fully-booked my day was, I am still fully-blessed with experiences that will forever be in my memory bank. ..

Straight from the office, I had to run to a dance  program and oversee the activity, fly to Cavite to visit a friend I have not seen for 10 years and whose grandma passed away and rush back to Las Pinas to help out a relative. 

Yes, it was physically draining but my heart is overwhelmed with joy. 

The dance program was a success. The families of the students were so happy with their performances and I guess their presence made the performance of their children even better. My friend, despite of losing her grandma, smiled and laughed with my jokes and we hugged for eternity, and my Tita, smiled upon seeing me and lightened up the load. 


Our presence is enough to brighten up the day of someone— think of that friend, a family member or even a client who you think might be needing your presence. Even if you can’t be around physically, a call or a text or a Facebook message will do. Let your presence be felt. Just like how we feel God’s love every day. 


Be creative in making your presence felt. Send the person an artwork, doodle, a poem or a song,. You can do it. 


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