#Day 38: Pinky Swear and a Promise to Last (May 26, 2015)

 I have always considered Music as a universal language. People dance and hum to the beat of the melody, no matter what we believe in, we all have something we can relate to. 

Today though, I have realized that “PINKY SWEAR” is a universal language too. I have done so much of this with almost all the kiddos I assisted with their admission process—with 2 Japanese Kids in particular earlier this morning.

More than a “gesture”, PINKY SWEAR is more like an inspiration for the kids, an encouragement that they can do whatever it is that they set their hearts into. Whether to learn how to speak English or memorize ABCs or master the game of chess. And when they do pinky swear, they really mean it, with their eyes glittering with hope.

For friends, PINKY SWEAR is more of a promise of “being there” for each other. That neither distance nor place can separate you from them. 

To lovers, PINKY SWEAR is a commitment—A promise of forever that you will be each other’s better half, that through thick or thin, you’ll be together.

A friend said that pinky swear is something that is really hard to explain. It’s a promise, something that should not be broken.

There are times though that we break our promises even if we intend not to or sometimes, we just make promises just for the sake of making someone feel better, but in reality, our heart doesn’t wanna do it.

There is one promise though that will forever remain even if we dont do pinky swear, even if we move away from Him or hurt Him, the promise of eternal life through Jesus Christ, if only we accept him as our personal savior. He is just waiting for you. With arms wide open, he’ll welcome you. 



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