#Day37:Falling and Rising, Losing and Winning (May 25,2015)

I could still vividly recall that bond paper in grade 4 that was marked 79 by my Art Teacher. All my grade school life, I had always been getting good grades and would even be asked to represent our class but that moment felt like dooms day. 

Imagine a 10 year old child feeling so down and discouraged. 

But thank God. Because even then, he didn’t abandon me. He made the sky clear as I listened to the  voice inside of me that pushed me to do better next time and lo and behold, my next art activity was marked 86, still not that high, but good enough compared to my first one. 

Since then, even if my skill is not good enough in terms of drawing and sketching, my basic skills have always helped me with my every day requirements— Props for our shoots, storyboards, visual aids for my Sunday school classes and for my mom’s. And now that I’m a professional, floor plans for events, simple poster layouts, among others. 

Today, my basic drawing skills have touched the lives of some friends. I thank God that even if I failed back when I was in grade 4, I didn’t stop. I fell and rose again. I lost but I won and I’ll keep on winning because God is in control. 


Are you feeling down today? Common, who says you can’t do it! You can. Let God take charge. 


Cover photo is a collage of my artworks made today. Hope you like it. 


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