#Day39:Passion,Dedication,Commitment and my Lovable Cousin (May 27,2015)

Yesterday was kind of tiring and I could not think of anything to write about. Yep, I thought of writing about the earthquake and even eating in solitude but it didn’t come to life. There would really be time that as a writer, you can’t push yourself to write unless you have a deadline that you need to beat. 

Today though, while I try to reflect on the great things that I could write about yesterday, I was in awe reading my cousin’s note in my wattpad wall, asking me when Is my next update for my other story which I have not updated for more than a month now and another chat message asking about how Vianna is, my other story which I have not updated for 2 weeks. 

Yes. Writing is my passion, but passion withouth dedication and commitment is like a floating love in the air. I am willing to do it but I don’t get to do it. Perhaps I am busy, perhaps I am tired but more than anything else,  perhaps I lack a little more of dedication and commitment. 

Commitment and dedication——- big words that most of us are forgetting about. 

In the government, many of the employees would say that they are not part of corruption and yet, when you look at it, they know its existing but no one is really committed enough to fight this and so corruption still prospers. 

In churches, members would want that more and more will get to know more about Jesus and yet a few would really be dedicated enough to volunteer as a church worker. 

In your life, try to reflect on how you could establish being committed and dedicated in your craft or in your field of discipline, for  not all the time, someone will push us To pursue our passion. Oftentimes, we will be faced with challenges along the way, even laziness and time management, but will you let all of these to stop you from doing what your heart is beating for? 

The questions goes for me too. Thanks my cousin for the encouragement.. Don’t worry, I’ll try to update my so stories this week. 

And you too! Hope you’ll find time to read my stories and flood me with your comments too.  ElydiaReyes is my wattpad username. Hahahaha. Until then. 

Our passion starts as a small seed that grows into something big. 


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