#Day40:Countdown to 28 and Random Musings (May28,2015)

Just before I put down the phone, the representative from a valued partner reminded me that it’s gonna be our birthday less than a month from now. 

I smiled at the thought of it. Yes. It’s gonna be our birthday, soon I’ll be 28 and I’ll have to start counting days until I reach 30.

I have set my heart into doing mission in the far flung provinces of the Philippines at 30 when I was in my early 20’s and yet until now, I don’t feel like I’m ready enough to take this bigger chapter in my life. 

I am excited, yes I am, but at the same time, I still have so many things I wish I could achieve. 

Today, I saw myself admiring the preschool student I assisted. 

What do you want to draw?

—– a car

—– a dog 

—– a boy 

—– a bubble gum

he was very clear of what he wanted, put into the paper what he dreamed to have and started drawing, at times when he couldn’t, he asked for my help and went on. 

Children are amazing. They know very well what they wanted at a particular moment and if they couldn’t have it, they ask for support. 

As adults On the other hand, we have so many things in our mind and we tend not to focus. We falter from time to time and lose track of the important ones. 

Today as i challenge myself to redirecting my life to the dream I have set my heart into, challenge yourself as well to see what your heart desires and pray for it too.  Sometimes we rely so much on ourselves that we overlook that God has bigger plans for each and everyone. 

DANIEL has set his heart to serve the Lord that even when he was put into test, he never gave up on his faith. I pray that I will be a Daniel too, shining for God.

Great day ahead! 


One of my dreams is to get published over photo is one of the stories I’ve written so far. ❤️❤️❤️


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