#Day 43:Farewell Summer, Hello June (May 31, 2015)

Summer is that time of the year when everyone seems pretty excited especially here in the Philippines.
People try to lose weight, companies hold team building activities, families plan for out of town gatherings, friends organize reunions and a lot would run to the beaches our country is blessed with. And if not beaches, people would flood swimming pools and resorts. 

I am not excused with all of these. In fact, every year, I would look forward to all of these gatherings, not for a good swim though but for the company and the good memory that even if I can’t enjoy the water, I am still complete.

I was in Grade 3 when I felt this extreme pain in my left ear that I was rushed to an EENT specialist. The first doctor advised us that I had to undergo a major operation that might affect my eardrum. We didn’t want that so we had to go to the second doctor who said there was a need for a minor operation while the third one gave me 18 tablets and capsules that I had to take for one year. This has affected my hearing ability up until now.
Praise God that after a year of medication, I was healed although I have to endure certain limitations like taking a bath with an ear plug to the extent of being not able to savor the feel of the beach and swimming pools 

At 16 though, 7 years after the medication, I tried forgetting about the “doctor’s ultimatum” and went on swimming. Only to end up with another EENT doctor the next day.

From then on, I have lived on attending gatherings, outings, and family bonding doing everything except for swimming. I would always tell people who do not know my situation yet the whole story and they would understand.

Today as I enjoy my last day of May with my officemates for a team building activity, I was once again confronted with the fact that I am not allowed to swim but unlike the other gatherings I had, God gave me more than 10 minutes to share to my officemates my life story and how God has used me despite of my iniquities to still shine

I prayed for the whole group and shared God’s goodness in me. It was an instant opportunity to testify and a good way to start June right.

Our iniquities never define what we can do. In my case, I may not hear clearly, but that didn’t stop me from doing my best. You too. Dont feel incompetent. You are talented. Special in your own way. So Shine and be the best!


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