#Day44:Eavesdropping and the Gift of Listening (June 1,2015)

I really tried hard not to listen to them but I can’t help it. I guess it comes with being a scriptwriter. Don’t get me wrong, I am not speaking on behalf of the other writers. From time to time, I get my stories from random strangers and their conversation. And I would say that stories based on real stories are the best stories to be told. 

Today, as I listened to a mom and her daughter discussed about the course to take in college, I was not able to control myself but intervene. Well, my role in public relations is kinda flexible. At times, I act as a counselor and help out people understand things. 

The child was torn between choosing BS Psychology and Marketing as a pre-law course. The mom was insisting on choosing Psychology while the daughter would want to take marketing. It was very obvious that soon enough, I would be hearing an increase with the volume of their voices. 

I went to their area and smiled. I offered my help and prayed at the back of my mind.  I had to help out by telling the fact that all 4 year courses are now considered as pre-law courses and discussed one by one the pros of both courses. 

I shared to the girl factors that she needs to consider in choosing a course in college and after all the explanation, I ended up telling her that after you’ve considered everything, pray for your decision too. I was surprised when both of them agreed to what I said. Honestly, I didn’t plan to tell them about the prayer thing coz it might affect the school being a non-sectarian, but I guess it was the Lord who worked both in their hearts. 

They both agreed to take BS Psychology and before the girl left, she told me something that inspired me to do better—–

Ma’am thank you for enlightening me.  

At times, you too may find yourselves listening to some random concerns of people around. You may not know them but you can still extend your help by silently praying for them. 

Choosing a course in college is one of the crossroads that teenagers of today face. 


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