#Day45: Rejection and the Art of Letting Jesus (June 2,2015)

I have randomly asked some friends on how they’d handle rejection.

There was a long silence before finally a friend said that she will  accept it with her heart and will rise stronger and better. The other one was a little more violent when she said that she would hit the head of that person to the wall. I know she was just kidding but the emotion was so intense. 

I have been rejected several times as well, professional wise especially when the client I am pursuing would eventually change his/her mind. I would receive it in my emails and text messages. 

Today, I was rejected 12 times by the people I called before finally getting a yes from one of the applicants. But what’s amazing is that an hour after I called, she went to the school and enrolled.  It was a liberating call, a reminder that even if we feel like being left out, Jesus will send us something to cheer us up. 

Rejection comes in may forms. Sometimes teens who do not belong to a group of friends feel like being rejected in school while guys who court the girls they love feel rejected when the answer is no. To the newly grads, rejection may come in declined job applications and failed interviews.  Even our leaders are rejected by the people when they rally and call for a change of administration. 

Jesus is also denied not only by Peter but even by us when we move away from Him even if he calls our name. There are times when Jesus shows us a way out to our problems, yet we become hard-headed and choose to live our own way. 

Rejection can bring a thousand pain to the person experiencing such but we are not alone. When people don’t get to love us back the way we love them, when they choose to hurt us even more, when they run away from us, Jesus will always be around. 

Every day, even in pain, Jesus is molding us into something great! So rebuke Rejection and let Jesus lead the way.


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