Day 46: A Love to Last a Lifetime (June 3, 2015)

Filipinos all over the Philippines whose households are all hooked up to ABSCBN’s Forevermore have really made noise recently in Social Media.

A lot are posting status, questions and commenting —Is there such a thing as forever?

At first, I could not actually relate since I am more of a Kapuso but eventually, I came to realize that the show was really a sure hit.

Some would say no, there’s no forever while a lot still believe in happy ever after.

In Korean dramas, we have witnessed how love have conquered all despite of the ups and downs of the leads in Secret Garden, Fullhouse, Coffee Prince, Emergency Couple, Birth of a Beauty, Sly and Single, Doctor Stranger, I Hear your Voice, Playful Kiss and a lot more.

Alright, these dramas are my favourites not just because the actors and actresses are great but because of the storyline itself.

Very significant are Emergency Couple and Sly and Single, both are stories of married couples who had second chances in love. They gave us a feel that love is sweeter the second time around.

In the Wattpad world, I have come to be friends with authors whose stories speak of great love of the leads of the stories.

@Skylierreyes’ works for instance are must reads. The love-hate stories will give us a glimpse of how hate can turn into love with leads loving more and more each other every day. Her Ever After Series are worth reading and I have loved My Unconditional Love (#Dapvin) and A Kontrabida’s Fairytale (#StevenSofia). She has 3 more ongoing stories that are worth your time.

@Smykynyze Smykynyze’s ‎Adonises and Temptresses on the other hand speaks of how true love can change a person’s heart. The Woman He Broke (#Marlene), Sold to My Ex-Husband (#Stupat), and My On Cam Wife (#KazVivienne) are all good stories that will surely melt your heart. She has other ongoing stories which I am yet to read but I am pretty sure, the stories will unravel how love has made a significant change in the lead character—not only in their love lives but for the characters as a whole.

@Ah_Agustus, @WaitingForaCowboy, @Michievousness, @Seanziewatty and @ClydeCortez are wattpad authors who will make us realize that love is Soo magical that it is worth giving a try.


 Today though more than watching and reading, I have become a witness to how love can travel as far as India to the Philippines and how the couples have become each other’s support system. Being in a totally different community from where they have spent most of their lives, both couples have evidently shown how they are willing to adjust for each other just to make sure that as a family, they will remain strong and dream for a better future.

Both families are applying for admission in our school and I am pretty sure that they will not have a hard time adjusting in the Philippines because they have each other.

This makes we wonder, is there really no forever or is there forever?

Some would say no, there’s no forever while a lot still believe in happy ever after.

I have asked around and have seen a lot of my friends happily in-love while some are left broken and in pain.

If you ask me, I would still believe in forever. We may fail in our relationships, but eventually, we grow and become better persons. Love is universal. Love is forever.

Honestly, I have not experienced romantic love myself but I don’t feel alone because I know there is a kind of love that is lasting. A love that is forever.

John 3:16New International Version (NIV)
16 For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.

To my dear readers, even if you fail with your relationships, never ever feel that you don’t have your forever, because there is forever with the Lord.  


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