#Day47:Why Siblings are God’s Gifts (June 4,2015)

If there’s someone who I really look up to despite of our age gap, despite of the fact that he is younger than me, that would be no other than my brother Ferdie, with whom I have so much respect and love.

At 24, he has exemplified a man who stands firm on what he believes is right and even if he is quiet most of the time, when he speaks, he speaks with wisdom which will make you say—- yeah. You got a point there. 

I remember back when I was still newly hired and was able to save a good amount of money, I almost became a victim to a text hoax telling me that I’d earn more by sending prepaid cards to the texter. I was made to believe that she was my friend and it was my brother, at age 17, who woke me up from my daydreaming and told me to think twice. Days after, it was aired in the news that a text Scam was spreading like fire. 

My brother’s straight to the point comments and thoughts on how I live my day to day life is always a reminder that I can always do something better. I remember him telling me that I don’t need to buy a smartphone because I am smart and I have a phone so technically, I have a smartphone. 

Today, it was him who cut me off from my internet connection and reminded me that during family activities, I should focus on what is at hand and stay away from the World Wide Web. It was a good amount of 2 hours of just eating and talking and every time I’d check on my iPad, he would stop me just like a big brother reminding me to focus on what is more important in life. 

We may not spend so much time together as we have lived in a different time zone, he works at night and sleeps during the day, but we still have each other’s back. He is still my same old brother who up to now likes watching animes, plays games and eats a lot. He will always be my “baby brother”.

Today, take time to extend your warmest appreciation to your siblings. Remember that day when you would play hide and seek and even if you guys are old enough, with your own families to attend to, always remember that you still got your siblings. To those who have misunderstanding with your siblings, do not wait too long to patch things up. Do it now. Joseph the Dreamer was sold by his brothers to  the Egyptians and yet despite of the pain, he still accepted them after sometime. In a way, brothers became instrumental into making him a great leader.  

Ask God to help you out forgive them, after all, our siblings are God’s gifts to us. 


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