#Day 48:I Got Your Back (June 5,2015)

Have you ever been in a job interview? What was the feeling like being asked with so many things by someone in the authority? 

Hmmmmm. Today, I felt like being in a panel interview while I discussed about our program to an expat couple from the States. The guy is the Vice President of an international electronic company while the lady is a principal in a school in the US. I gave them a tour of the campus and was able to have them meet our Deputy Principal too.  At the end of the meeting they both are excited to send their child to our school and they even commended me infront of the deputy principal that I did well. 

I really make it a point to give my best shot with all the inquiries i attend to considering that our work is our service to the Lord but I guess, if our deputy principal didn’t find time to meet them, it could have been a different story and this is what I admire about the leaders in the school I work with.

Our leaders at Southville, from my immediate head up to our founder, have always been supportive of us. They are flexible enough to extend whatever help they can to the employees. Southville’s culture of collaboration has always been evident and I guess, this is what we need in our country to see a better future ahead of us. —-COLLABORATION.

The 2016 national election is fast approaching and as early as now, we are bombarded with a lot of campaign propagandas. what do we do then? As a nation, let us pray for our leaders and collaborate with them in implementing good projects for the betterment of the country. Follow the law and implement justice. And pray that they too will collaborate among themselves and support good plans rather than back fight with each other. 

Yes. This nation will be great again! We got each other. 
*picture shows one of our collaborative projects. ❤️ with Southville leaders 


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