#Day 49: Raising up a Nation, the Asian Way (June6,2015)

It took me almost 60 seconds before I finally got back to reality that someone has paid her respect and “kissed/blessed” my hand. 

At 27, I have a lot of nieces, nephews and godchildren who would do the same thing but today is different. 

Her name is Judith and she is a pure Indonesian and even if we are not related at all, she still showed respect to someone older than her during our school’s orientation for new students. 

I learned that it was also a practice in Indonesia, to kiss the hands of people who are older than them. I realized that we Asians are very explicit on how we express our respect. 

Koreans and Japanese would really bow down for greetings while we Filipinos use po and opo.  Most of the Indians I met would call you Madame or ma’am.

Sad thing though, with the advent of globalization, not all Asians, including me, from time to time would keep the good practice our ancestors have established. 

It is high time that as a nation we look into ourselves and see what has happened to the good practices and check if practicing them will help this nation be great again. Look, if we respect people in the authority then we follow the law. If we respect basic human rights, then we do not violate but rather protect the people.

It all starts with how we raise the kids of this generation which I believe should be anchored in God’s words and churches should play a big role in here too. 

*cover photo is courtesy of Bibleverseoftheday.org


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