#Day 50: It’s All about Jesus (June 7,2015)

Today as I post my 50th blog entry, under the 365 days of blessings, I can’t help but just dedicate this to my Savior who has saved me from death and who gave his life to us so we can live eternally.

Here’s a song from Planetshakers that says it all..

The Anthem—-

By his stripes we are healed

By his nail pierced hands we’re free

By his blood, we’re washed clean

Now we have the victory.
The power of sin is broken,

Jesus overcame it all,

He has won our freedom,

Jesus has won it all,

You have won the victory


You have won it all for me
Death could not hold you down

You are the risen king

Seated in majesty

You are the risen king

our god is risen,he is alive

he won the victory, he reigns on high


Today, I call upon you readers to surrender your life to the Lord. I did it when I was 18. It is not always a joyful road after my surrender but I know in my heart, I can do all things because I am loved. I am saved. Thank you Jesus.



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