#Day51: Crazy Chocolatey Monday (June 8,2015)

Mondays would always be one of the busiest days of the week. Working after unfinished deadlines and trying to come up with new projects for the whole week and today is just unexplainable.

Today, we started feeling the pressure with a lot of things and yet just like an angel sent from above, a friend who just got back from her vacation went to the office and brought Hershey’s. Eating the chocolate in a way brighten up the day and helped me last for the whole afternoon.  More than the trademark of its taste, I remember the story of Milton Hershey, founder of the company. His story which I read 15 years ago has always been an inspiration that in God’s time, he will make things happen that even if you faced so many hardships in life, He will never abandon you or leave you. In his time, all things will work together for good. we are always loved. 


Here’s the success story of Milton Hershey from —–

Milton Snavely Hershey was born in eighteen fifty-seven in central Pennsylvania. His mother was a member of the Mennonite Church. The religious group valued self-denial and community service. His father worked at many different jobs.

The Hershey family moved several times during Milton’s childhood. His parents did not have a happy marriage. They lived separately for much of their lives. Mrs. Hershey finally rejected her husband after a daughter died in eighteen sixty-seven.
Milton Hershey stopped attending school when he was twelve years old. He first went to work as an assistant for a man who published a German language newspaper. Milton did not like the job. He was dismissed after dropping his hat into a machine.
Milton then got a job with a candy and ice cream maker in the town of Lancaster. There, he learned how to mix sugar and water to make candy products. At the time, American candy makers used chocolate mainly to cover candies. Reports say it was bitter tasting and not at all like the taste of chocolate today.
Milton moved to the city of Philadelphia when he was eighteen years old. He had already learned all he could about candy production. His mother and her family offered to help him set up a candy store. But the business failed after six years.
Milton decided to join his father in the western state of Colorado. The younger Hershey found a job with a candy maker in Denver. There, he worked with a kind of sticky candy: caramel. He also learned the importance of using fresh milk in making good caramel.
Milton later attempted candy businesses in Chicago and New York City. But like before, each business failed.
Milton returned to Lancaster. Most family members considered him a failure. But he continued to receive help from his mother’s sister and a man who had worked at the Philadelphia store. Milton began making caramels his own way – with fresh milk. His caramels were softer than others being sold and less sticky.
One day, an English importer tasted Hershey’s caramels and placed a large order. Soon the Lancaster Candy Company was a success. Hershey became one of Pennsylvania’s top businessmen. He was selling his candies all across the United States and Europe.
Things began changing for Hershey after he visited the Chicago World’s Fair in eighteen ninety-three. At the World’s Fair, he saw chocolate making machines from Germany. He decided that chocolate was the future of the candy business, and bought the machines. He had them moved to Pennsylvania, and sold the Lancaster Candy Company. He was developing an unusual plan — to build a large chocolate factory and a town to support it.
Michael D’Antonio wrote a book about Milton Hershey. It says Hershey got the idea for his town from the Cadbury family in Britain. The Cadburys made chocolates. They also built a factory surrounded by a town.

The book says Hershey decided to do the same. He paid for many buildings in his town. He wanted to create a place where his factory’s workers could own their own houses. In this way, he prevented Hershey, Pennsylvania from becoming a factory town in which the workers were forced to pay their employers for a place to live.

Hershey’s town was modern. It had nice houses, large public buildings, and an electric railway system for easy transportation. Nearby farms provided the chocolate factory with fresh milk for its products.
Milton Hershey and his company found a way to make large amounts of milk chocolate. The secret was using fat free milk with the seeds of cacao trees and heating them slowly. The Hershey Candy Company was on its way to success.

Most of the company’s workers loved Milton Hershey. He made it possible for them to earn good wages and live well. The book “Hershey” says he sometimes shared the company’s financial success with them.


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