#Day 52: Turn your Eyes Upon Jesus (June 9,2015)

I had to control my emotion and the urge to clap my hands and jump like a little girl earlier after checking what’s inside the paper bag coming from someone from Dubai. Apart from the chocolates, what really made my day was seeing a shiny, silvery pouch inside. 

To some, receiving a pouch is not much of a big deal but to me, it was more of God telling me to just turn my eyes upon him because he knows pretty well what my heart desires. 

You see, last night, I was really planning on buying a new pouch to hold some important things and thought of waiting until Satuday afternoon after office hours because I really needed one. It is just so amazing that today, a pouch was sent to me and to think that it came from Dubai, it only means that the person who gave it bought it at an earlier time even before I realized that I needed one. The pouch is big enough to hold my important things and small enough to fit my body bag. 

God has shown that even in simple things, in small details of our lives, he makes his presence felt. He provides things that we need and we are assured of his goodness that goes beyond what we expect for. 

Today, try to reflect on how God is working in your life. You may feel worthless or always the second best, but with God, you are always his prince and princesses. Turn your eyes upon Him. 


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