#Day 53: Once Upon a Wednesday (June 10,2015)

Sixty is a very significant number. 

To someone who is trying to cut down on expenses and save for the future, a value meal at Php 60.00 is something to look for. 

To a mother who does the budgeting, an additional of sixty pesos may mean additional kilo of rice. 

To someone who can’t live without the internet, 60 pesos worth of load may mean unlimited internet connection for 1 day if you’d register in the Telcos promos.

To people who’d reach the age of 60, it means having an ID that will let you enjoy a lot of freebies and discounts. It means you have been blessed with 60 years of experiences and you have been granted the privilege of enjoying life despite of the ups and downs. 

To me though, 60 kilos of body weight or 132 pounds means I have to do a little self evaluation of my lifestyle especially that today, a parent of our school whom I have not seen for two years had a hard time recognizing me as she said, “I have grown.” 

I am overweight, that is according to the medical test I had recently. I would say that It didn’t hit me much although I can really feel my weight not until today when a parent can’t recognize me anymore. 

I have nothing against overweight people or even those who are obese but I realized if I really wanted to serve the Lord and do mission, then I have to be physically fit and having 60 kg of weight is something I have to look into. I would admit that since I gained weight, it is a lot harder to walk and I would usually run out of  breath and would have muscle cramps. 

I know just like me, there are things in your life that you feel like changing for the better. Pray that you will have the wisdom to decide accordingly. As for me, I’d start exercising again next Monday and join our school’s Zumba program. Next Monday, so let me eat a lot more today. =)


Cover photo is snorlax.   Know more at http://pokemon.wikia.com/wiki/Snorlax

Happy birthday to Danica Manalo and rubi Bantillo 


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