#Day 54: Blessings across Facebook (June 11, 2015)

Have you ever thought of deactivating your Facebook account because in a way it seems taking much of your time and you can’t focus anymore?

I thought about it too a lot of times but today I finally have committed myself to using Facebook as a tool to reach out to people.

I have to admit that I am the type of a person who posts a lot of inspirational messages via Facebook every now and then because I know that in a way, the post will be seen by my friends, and friends of my friends and who knows they might be needing a “shoulder to cry on” and an encouraging message might just give them a little push and lift them up from whatever “challenges” they are into.

And God has proven it today that He can use even Facebook to express His love for His children.

A friend has read my “message” on God’s providence on providing a pouch for me. (please read https://lifethoughtsandinspirations.wordpress.com/2015/06/10/day-52-turn-your-eyes-upon-jesus-june-92015/).

That simple message has made her believed that God will make a way. She initially applied for a job opportunity in Korea but was not successful, yet, she placed her trust in the Lord and eventually, got a call from Kuwait with much better opportunity awaiting for her.

With today’s technology, we are exposed to a lot of social media and websites that might take away much of our time and lead us into oblivion of the most important things in life. But why would we let social media do that in our lives? Why not make the most of it and testify for God?

Let us use Social Media to make this world a better place to live while we wait for His coming. #LifeThoughtsAndInspirations
*just like the cover photo, let’s make social media a sumptuous meal so people will enjoy and be blessed. 


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