#Day 55: Freedom from the Inside Out (June 12, 2015)

Today as the Philippines celebrate our National Independence Day, our country is still caught with so many challenges and bondage that limit us from growing as a nation.

We might have been freed from the colonization of other countries but our nation is still a struggling one. There are leaders and even ordinary Filipinos who are still blinded by corruption. A lot are still imprisoned by poverty. People are still suffering from the pain of the past and are broken of the experiences they could not outgrow.

I was imprisoned too for more than a year before I finally surrendered to the Lord. I was hurt when I didn’t make it to my dream university that even if I was excelling with the school I enrolled, I felt I was useless. I had self pity and all the negative thoughts about myself which I hid for so long not until that afternoon in December 2005 when I have given my life to my one and only Savior Jesus Christ.

I have to admit though that at times, I am still imprisoned of some discouragement and a little of other negativities, but I don’t stay long because my savior is the same yesterday, today and the days to come.
A thousand times I’ve failed,

But Your mercy remains.

Should I stumble again.

I’m caught in your grace
Hillsong’s From the Inside Out is one of the songs that really speak to my heart. It is only Jesus who can give us the freedom beyond compare. Freedom that is not limited to freedom from the colonizers or freedom from your past, but freedom that you feel complete and you feel joyful even if you are bruised, hurt and bleeding. That kind of freedom that you cant explain. That kind of freedom that you feel like you can fly. That kind of freedom from Jesus. —FREEDOM FROM THE INSIDE OUT. #LifeThoughtsAndInspirations
Photo is from https://stinkingtruth.files.wordpress.com 



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