#Day 56: An Elevator Story (June 13, 2015)

Earlier today, I was so sleepy and was so much excited to go home that I was stuck in an elevator for more than 60 seconds and initially thought there was a problem, only to realize that I have not pressed any button yet.
I usually enjoy my elevator ride especially when I am by myself. It is in the elevator that I get to say a short prayer or sometimes think of storylines or blog posts. Elevator rides usually make me feel complete because I have at least some time for myself and for God and that short period is like an eternity of joy.

Today, God has told me that I really needed rest and yes, that was what I did. I took a nap for more than an hour and I was revitalized.

God has funny ways of waking us up from the lifestyle we’ve used to. I know pretty well that I needed to sleep a lot but it was when I got stuck in the elevator that I was pushed to sleep.

Do you also have an elevator story? Was there any situation in your life when you felt asking why was this happening? Look within you, perhaps there’s a deeper message that God is revealing. So good night and sleep tight. #LifeThoughtsAndInspirations
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